Chocolate Cake Pops Starbucks Recipe: A Sweet Delight at Home

Starbucks chocolate cake pops are a popular treat for people of all ages. They are a delicious and fun way to enjoy chocolate cake.

This recipe is a simple and easy way to make your own Starbucks chocolate cake pops at home. This recipe uses a box of chocolate cake mix, so it is very easy to make.

The cake pops are also coated in chocolate candy melts and white nonpareils, which gives them a classic Starbucks look.

You can make these chocolate cake pops for any occasion, or just to enjoy as a snack. They are sure to be a hit with everyone who tries them!

In this detailed guide, I will act as a recipe expert and walk you through crafting these delectable treats step by step.

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with this easy-to-follow recipe.

How To Prepare Chocolate Cake Pops Starbucks Recipe?

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Chilling Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Serving Size: 27 Cake Pops

Equipment Needed

Before we dive into the ingredients, let’s make sure you have the necessary equipment:

  • Cake pop sticks
  • Styrofoam block (for drying)
  • Mixing bowls
  • Parchment paper


Gather the following ingredients to get started:

  • 1 chocolate cake (homemade or store-bought)
  • 1 cup of chocolate frosting
  • 2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • Sprinkles (optional, for decoration)
Chocolate Cake Pops Starbucks Recipe
Chocolate Cake Pops Starbucks Recipe

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Crumble the Cake

Start by crumbling the chocolate cake into fine crumbs using your hands or a fork. Ensure there are no large chunks.

Step 2: Add Frosting

In a mixing bowl, combine the cake crumbs with the chocolate frosting. Mix until you have a uniform, moist mixture.

Step 3: Form Cake Balls

Scoop out small portions of the cake mixture and roll them into bite-sized balls. Place them on a parchment paper-lined tray.

Step 4: Insert Sticks

Melt a small amount of chocolate chips and dip the tip of each cake pop stick into the melted chocolate. Insert the sticks into the cake balls about halfway through.

Step 5: Chill

Place the tray of cake pops in the refrigerator and let them chill for at least 2 hours. This will help them firm up.

Step 6: Dip in Chocolate

In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the remaining chocolate chips with vegetable oil. Dip each cake pop into the melted chocolate, allowing any excess to drip off.

Step 7: Decorate

While the chocolate is still wet, you can decorate your cake pops with sprinkles or any other desired toppings.

Step 8: Let Them Set

Insert the cake pops into a Styrofoam block to allow the chocolate coating to set completely.

Nutrition Facts Of Chocolate Cake Pops Starbucks Recipe

Fat6 g
Fiber0 g
Carbohydrates16 g
Protein1.5 g
Cholesterol23 mg
Sodium57 mg

Health Benefits

While these Chocolate Cake Pops are undoubtedly a delicious treat, they should be enjoyed in moderation.

However, it’s worth noting that dark chocolate, when consumed in small amounts, can offer some health benefits, such as antioxidants and potential mood-lifting properties.

Why Are Starbucks Cake Pops So Good?

High-quality ingredients: Starbucks uses high-quality ingredients in their cake pops, including fresh cake, frosting, and chocolate. This makes a big difference in the taste and texture of the cake pops.

Perfect balance of flavors: The cake pops are perfectly balanced in terms of flavor. The cake is moist and flavorful, the frosting is sweet and creamy, and the chocolate is rich and decadent.

Fun and festive appearance: Starbucks cake pops are also fun and festive to look at. They are perfectly round and coated in a smooth layer of chocolate. The white nonpareils add a touch of sweetness and fun.

Convenient and portable: Starbucks cake pops are also convenient and portable. They are individually wrapped, so you can easily take them with you on the go.

What Is The Most Popular Cake Pop Flavors?

The most popular cake pops at Starbucks include Strawberry Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Pumpkin Spice.

There is a combination for almost every preference. You can get one flavor or even several.

Who Invented Starbucks Cake Pops?

Cake pops were invented by the Schmoo Group, a development team that created the concept behind Starbucks.

The Schmoo Group was formed after the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, left the company in 2000. It is based in New York City and is run by three partners.

Why Are Starbucks Cake Pops Not Vegetarian?

Starbucks cake pops are not vegetarian because they contain eggs and dairy. The ingredients are all made of real products that come from animals, so if you are allergic to eggs or dairy, this may cause problems.

How Much Does A Chocolate Cake Pops Starbucks Recipe Cost?

The cost of the chocolate cake pops Starbucks recipe depends on a few factors. The main factors include the size and flavor of the cake pops and how many you wish to purchase.

To get an idea of pricing, one dozen (1 dozen – 12 pieces) will cost approximately $12, which is very affordable. The price is only one reason people love Starbucks cake pops so much.

How Long Does Chocolate Cake Pops Starbucks Recipe Last?

If you follow the instructions carefully, your chocolate cake pops should last 3-4 days. If you notice a color change or a sign of spoilage, you should consider disposing of the cake pops.


Crafting Starbucks-inspired Chocolate Cake Pops at home is a delightful endeavor that’s sure to impress your friends and family.

With this easy-to-follow recipe and a personal touch, you can create these sweet treats for various occasions or simply enjoy them as a special indulgence.

So, roll up your sleeves, have fun in the kitchen, and savor every bite of these homemade delights.