How Much Does Duffs Cake Mix Cost?

You have probably seen Duff’s Cake Mix commercials on television for a while. However, you may wonder how much they charge for their cake mix. If you don’t know the answer, this article will help you.

How Much Does Duffs Cake Mix Cost?

  • A lot. It is a very expensive cake mix. For example, their chocolate cake mix is over $10 for just one box. This is about 35 cents for each cupcake you make with it. Their other flavors are relatively similar, costing about 20 to 35 cents per single cupcake recipe.
  • If you buy a box of their chocolate cake mix, it will cost you over $20. On the bright side, this is only about $5 for three dozen cupcakes.
  • The most expensive cake mix on the market today is the Cake-It brand. Their basic chocolate cake batter costs around $12 for a single box, with their expensive butter cake batter being even more costly at about $14 per box.
  • One box of Duff’s Chocolate Cake Mix costs about $20-$21. This is about 35 cents for each cupcake you will make.
  • Duff’s Chocolate Cake Mix is not the most expensive in the world. The most costly cake mixes are only sold by a few companies, such as Hellmann’s and Duncan Hines. Hellmann’s is around $20 per box, while Duncan Hines’ basic chocolate cake mix costs $30.
  • A box of Duff’s Chocolate Cake Mix is about $20-$21; you’re making three dozen cupcakes.

What Is Duff’s, Cake Mix?

Duff’s Cake Mix is a baking mix by the Unilever company “Duncan Hines.” It is their most popular cake mix, and they make all types of cakes, such as chocolate, cinnamon, lemon, and vanilla.

Duffs Cake Mix
Duffs Cake Mix

It is made by mixing baking ingredients such as flour and sugar with several other elements, including milk, egg replacer, oil, canola, and water.

Many people prefer Duff’s cakes to other cakes because of how light and fluffy they are and how tasty they taste.

Does Duff Own A Bakery?

No. Duff owns a cake mix company called “Duncan Hines.” He goes around promoting his cake mix. That is why he advertises it as well as personally encourages it.

Is Duff’s Cake Mix Organic?

No, Duff’s Cake Mix is not organic or all-natural. However, their ingredients are commonly used in most all-natural mixes, so they can be considered relatively similar to these mixes.

Does Duff Have Diabetes?

No. Duff is a man who lives in San Francisco and is sometimes seen at San Francisco Giants baseball games. He has a popular cake mix called Duff’s Cake Mix that he promotes on television.

Has Duff’s Cake Mix got Sugar In It?

There is sugar in Duff’s Cake Mix, except for its white chocolate flavor. However, the white chocolate mix has sugar substitutes to make up for what the sugar would do in this mix,

making it taste similar to regular cake mixes. The other flavors are all made with regular sugar.


Duff’s Cake Mix is not the most expensive in the world, but it is considerably more costly than any other brand of cake mix.

It costs about $5 per box, and you’re looking at 35 cents for each cupcake made from it.