Where The Wild Things Are Cake?

The wild things are very fearful, and when a young boy named Max is sent to his room for misbehaving, he finds that the wild things are afraid of him.

The story follows Max as he befriends the wild things, who then have to get used to him and his rules. The rough stuff also has fascinating personalities that make the storyline enjoyable.

One of the most compelling characters is Carol, the praying mantis, a motherly figure to Alexander, the elephant, who idolizes her and clings to her in times of trouble.

Where The Wild Things Are Cake?

1. Yellow Cake And Crumbled Oreos:

These are the wild things. The yellow cake looks like furry bodies, and the crumbled Oreos for meat. The fantastic staff love sweets and often eat together in the forest, so this is what they would eat for dessert.

2. Frosting:


This is the plot line of the story. The plot line is frosting, white, smooth and sweet.

3. Buttercream Frosting Swirled With Black Food Coloring:

Buttercream Frosting Swirled With Black Food Coloring
Buttercream Frosting Swirled With Black Food Coloring

This would represent the nighttime scenes where lightning flashes and thunder roars on the mountaintops during a thunderstorm.

4. Coconut:

This is where the wild things live. The coconut represents a tropical island with palm trees and sand.

5. Chocolate Chips:

This is where Max lives. The chocolate chips represent a lovely, warm house with dirt roads and many different things to play with.

6. White Frosting:

This represents the smiles of wild animals, who love to eat and play in their forest.

7. Milk Chocolate:

This represents Max’s love for his parents, who are represented by milk chocolate because their skin is white on top of their dark chocolates.

How To Decorate Where The Wild Things?

1. How To Do The Wild Things?

Max’s house was yellow, and he was a boy. So you can paint it a fun yellow colour.

2. How To Decorating The Wild Things?

Outside, you can decorate with wildflowers and trees or perhaps throw in some artwork to represent a big forest where they live or maybe random pictures of animals.

3. How To Do The Coconut Where The Wild Things?

You can put some sand in it and sprinkle some colourful sea shells.

4. How To Decorate The Chocolate Chips?

Put some colourful figurines, toys, and furniture representing Max’s house with a large pile of unused toys on the ground. That means how he throws his toys around when he is upset.

5. How To Decorate The Frosting?

Everywhere you can put some candles and light them. Make it darker in the centre where Max is and lighter around the cake’s sides.


This cake would be a great decoration at a child’s birthday party because of its cute and colourful design. This design would also be lovely for a wedding for the bride and groom because it is so bright.

The cake can be used as an example of how children, who are silly and fun, can enjoy being childish and acting wild by playing with their friends or having birthday parties where they get to sit down with their family, friends, neighbours, etc.