How To Decorate A Sheet Cake For Halloween

Make a Halloween cake without baking. And don’t worry, you probably already have everything you need at home. Sheet cake is a popular dessert in Japan and China,

where people make it by filling a large square piece of plastic wrap with batter and refrigerating the whole lot overnight. It’s used as an easy way to serve dessert on special occasions like weddings

or holidays, which is why it was also popularized in America when Japanese restaurants started opening there.

Sheet Cake Halloween
Sheet Cake Halloween

How To Decorate A Sheet Cake For Halloween

1. Decorate The Cake With Your Favourite Sweets

You’ll need candy, sweets, and chocolate for decorating, from simple pieces of chocolate that you can eat to unique sweets that look like flowers, cakes, and animals. Usually, fruits or nuts are used as decorations for cakes.

2. Make Your Cake Look Like A Pumpkin

To do that, you need to cut out a Jack-o’-lantern face from orange or yellow vinyl. Then put the vinyl on the surface of your cake and gently press down, so it sticks to the frosting.

Fill in any gaps with buttercream frosting. Top it off with chocolate shavings or candies.

3. Decorate With Eyeballs

Of course, you can also use candy eyeballs. You can also use different-shaped candies, and fruit like oranges or strawberries, as this will attract your guests’ attention.

4. Decorate With A Spiderweb

Carve out different-sized circles from black or white chocolate using a knife, cookie cutter, or any other object.  Then put those circles on top of the cake for decorations.

5. Decorate With Candles

This is another easy decoration. You can find these candles in grocery stores or party supply shops year-round, usually for birthday parties. You can choose from many different shapes to suit your Halloween theme.

Why Is It The Best Cake?

If you don’t have time to bake a cake and want to surprise your kids on Halloween, this is the best cake to make. This Halloween cake is so easy and fast to make.

It would help if you had some basic things you could get from grocery stores or party supply shops, which can be ready in a few minutes. And it looks super spooky!

How Does It Taste?

It tastes amazing. You can even use any cake flavor, but chocolate-filled vanilla cake is the most common. Getting a cake from your grocery store might be challenging, but you can always make it home.

It’s straightforward to do, and it’s not expensive. The candy decorations might be expensive, but if you make them yourself (like I did), they will look pretty cheap.


You can find Halloween cakes in your grocery stores or party supply shops for cheap, but this homemade cake is easy to make and tastes better than the ones you can buy.

If you want to spend less on decorations, try making this cake. It will look fantastic and be the hit of your family party or Halloween.