How Long Can A Cake Sit Out?

Some cakes can last up to thirty hours, while other cakes filled with cream and covered with meringue may survive for up to three days. It all depends on the cake’s texture and how it was baked.

Many cakes are at their best served fresh out of the oven, but a cake can be excellent in between servings as long as it is not subjected to high humidity or moisture.

How Long Can A Cake Sit Out?

The length of time a cake can sit out at room temperature depends on various factors such as the ingredients used, the climate, and whether the cake has been frosted or filled with perishable ingredients.

Generally, an unfrosted cake can sit out at room temperature for 2 to 3 days and still be safe to consume.

However, it’s important to note that the quality and freshness of the cake may deteriorate over time.

A Cake Sit Out
A Cake Sit Out

Do You Need To Refrigerate A Cake?

If a cream-filled cake is sitting out for more than two hours and you are not planning to serve it soon, or if it is covered, it must be refrigerated.

If the filling has been exposed to conditions that could cause the eggs and butter in the batter to spoil, such as high humidity or moisture (from snow, rain, or insects), you may need to refrigerate your cake.

Can Cake Be Left Out Overnight?

Yes, a cake can be left out overnight. But if it is sitting out for more than four hours, you should always refrigerate it after that period (unless the cake was made with high humidity or moisture).

How Do You Keep A Cake Moist Overnight?

The best way to keep a cake moist overnight is to let it sit at room temperature. Some people like to place a cake in a plastic bag and then refrigerate the entire dessert if it is too moist.

How Long Till A Cake Goes Bad?

The basic rule for a cake with cream filling or frosting is that it should be kept refrigerated and eaten within three or four days.

The icing on the cake and itself should be thrown away once it develops an off taste or texture.

This can take various times, depending on how moist the cake is, how much air was whipped into the batter and whether any preservatives were used.

Can I Decorate A Cake 2 Days In Advance?

Yes, you can decorate a cake two days in advance. However, it is always advisable to store the layers separately and refrigerate them in case they dry out more than they already have.

How Do You Know If A Cake Is Spoiled?

If a cake has an off taste, it is spoiled. You should also avoid serving a cake if you notice mold growing on the surface of the frosting or in the cake batter.

Other signs that it is time to throw out your dessert include: If a layer of cake has been exposed to dampness, such as rain or moisture from melting snow, you must throw away the entire slice.

What Happens When You Eat A Bad Cake?

A lousy cake can cause you to get sick. Eating spoiled food will lead to hepatitis, salmonella poisoning, or other food-borne illness.


Cakes are edible for as long as they are in good condition, which means they have not begun to develop mold or have any other signs of being spoiled.

Cakes will often last three days or longer if they are kept covered with plastic wrap from the moment they are taken out of the oven.